This month’s Kipkay Kit, starting at $9.99. Great for hobbyists & kids ages 8+!

Micro Tommy Rubber Band Gun

$1 Pill Bottle Survival Kit

“The Blaster” Air Horn

Xtreme PVC Bow

Phone Spam Destroyer

Trophy Coat Rack

Top 5 Sugru Lifehacks!

Vintage Camera MACRO HACK

Cassette Tape Hack

Summer Pallet Swing Bed

5 Handy Tool Hacks

$5 Mini Power Sander

How to Mod a Torque Wrench

Make your own LED Lightbulb!

Spilled Milk Prank

Top 5 How-to Munchies

Easter Egg Surprise!

5 Clever Uses for Tennis Balls!

Jar of Flames!

DIY FM Radio!

The Balloon Zip Cannon!

DIY Selfie Stick for camera or GoPro!

The Thunderdrum!

Is Your Garage Door Open?

Sonic Cat Repeller!

6 Clever Uses For Solo Cups!

Crazy Catapult Bottle Opener!

Mini Tic-Tac Amp!

DIY Light-Up Coaster!

$3 Airsoft Sonic Grenade

DIY Funky Fiber Optic Monitor Lights

Haunted Remote Prank – Use Any Remote!

DIY Picnic Table Suitcase!

How to Silence Your Doorbell – Easy DIY Life Hack!

Crazy Geocache Puzzle Box!

DIY Minecraft Torch – with Flickering Effect

Beat the Summertime Heat – Mr. Mister!

This DIY Paracord Bracelet Could Save Your Life!

Light Up Your Bike!

Never Lose Your Keys Again!

How To Use Morse Code on a Laser Beam!

DIY Popsicle Stick Door Lock – Unlock Your Door with a Knock!

The Star Spangled Hammock!

Dashboard Light Hack!

DIY Swim Up Bar

The Pretender Pencil!

Laser Tripwire 2.0!

Garage Door Opener Hack!

The Fountain of Flavor!

The DIY Cooler Chiller!

DIY Arduino – The Kipduino!

EZ Water Bottle Shooter!

How to Make Bubbles with your CD!

Liquid Light Glass – Drink Classy

Top 5 April Fool’s Pranks – Cool Ideas!

Trippy DIY Neon Glow Fan!

DIY Mini Digi Speakers

DIY Minecraft Glowstone Cube

Portable Laser Tripwire!

Sneaky Keyboard Hack

Instamatic Camera Hack

DIY LED Cube – 3x3x3, 4x4x4, and 5x5x5

DIY Instant Hand Warmers!

DIY LED Snowflake Christmas Ornament

Super Secret Phone Cable

LED Throwie, Blinky, Firefly!

FBI Earphone Hack!

Ultimate Tactical Laser!

$5 DIY HDTV Antenna! Get FREE TV!

Build a Altoids Tin Solar USB Charger!

Cool and Creepy Halloween Projects!

Top 7 Lifehacks You Need to Know – PARODY PART 2

How to Make a WiFi Booster with a Beer Can

How to Make a Fishing Hook with a Beer Can – a Hobo Hooker!

$3 Noise Cancelling Earbuds

How to Make a Bristlebot – Make Your Own Bristlebots

Crazy Air Horn Prank

Top 8 Incredibly Quick & Amazingly Easy Awesome and Simple Life Hacks You Need to Know – PARODY!

How to Change the Answers in the Magic 8-Ball

Amazing Way to Test Batteries!

DIY House Alarm

Sonic Screwdriver with LASERS from DOCTOR WHO

How To Deal with Loose Plugs and Messy Cords

How to STOP Credit Card Theft

Super Fan Launch and Laser Giveaway!

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

DIY Rave Glove – Cool Light Show Demonstration

DIY Party Lights – Made with SOLO Cups

Chopsticks DIY – Hack them if you can’t use them

DIY Rave Gloves

9 Volt LED Torch – DIY LED Flashlight

How to Make a DIY ICE PACK

DIY Retro iPhone Speaker (or a Retro Phone Phone Amp)

How to Sharpen Scissors with Ordinary Household Items

Stop Paying for High Priced Drinks at Concerts – Crazy Camo Cap

How to Make Key Rings Easy to Use

Shocking Stapler Prank

Clever Way to Light a Fire with Spaghetti

DIY Flashlight BB Gun Cannon

Unbelievably Easy Way to Double the Range of your Car Remote Control

DIY Glow Stick that Lasts 3-5 days!

Charge Your Cell Phone.. with a Bicycle

How to Make a Dead Remote Work Again

How to make a Hidden Key!

How to Make a Fire with a Dead Lighter (for a Zombie Apocalypse)

$5 Glowing Mousepad!

How to Make a Zombie Survival Attack Bat

Spy on Anyone with this Valentine Spy Bear

DIY Retro iPhone Speaker (or a Retro Phone Phone Amp)

DIY LED Lights that Beat to the Music – Follow-up

DIY LED Lights that Beat to the Music

DIY Liquor Lens

Charge Your Cellphone Battery with Fire!

Laser Light Christmas – Light Up Your Holidays!

5 Amazing Office Pranks – Wacked Prank Pack!

How to Cook Thanksgiving Turkey.. with Flashlights

Make a Scary Death Cart for Halloween

Hacked Calculator Prank!

$5 DIY Bluetooth Car Speakers Hack!

Lasers vs. iPhone 5

Cat Poop Prank!

Fun & Easy Cellphone Hacks and Tricks

DIY Air Conditioner – $2 Cool Can Keeps You Chilled!

Clever Clip Tips – 12 Binder Clip Hacks that will Change Your Life

Epic Bike Pranks

Iron Man Burning Laser Helmet!

Build a Remote Control Fireworks Igniter

Learn How to Make a Mini Ninja Crossbow

DIY $1 Mousetrap Alarm

Bug Spray Prank – with a Motion Sensor

DIY Water Level Sensor – Liquid Alarm Gadget

Massive $5000 Laser Giveaway!

Crazy Confetti Cannon!

Burning Lasers vs. iPad 3 – Who Wins?

DIY High Powered Super Soaker

How to Hack an RC Tank and Make it a Spy Camera

Car Pranks – Crazy and Fun!

How to Make a Foam Gun – DIY Foam Party

DIY Digital Eyeball Glasses

$1800 Krypton Burning Green Laser Giveaway!

Zippo LED Flashlight – Cool Lighter!

Blacklight Flashlight Hack – Nasty stain locator!

5 iPhones & iPad Hacks – Hack Pack!

DIY Flashlight Boombox

Cheapy Lighter Motorcycle – Replica Motorcycle with Lighters!

Dog Toy Prank

Handheld Fireballs – Watch them Explode!

DIY Paintball Rocket Launcher

Tripwire Bang Alarm!

How to Make Your Own Dead Space Plasma Cutter with Real Lasers

Is Your Luggage Safe from Airport Security?

Is Your Girlfriend Cheating? Here’s one way to find out!

Tasty Dog Poop Prank

How to Make a Ninja Smoke Bomb – Become a Ninja!

$900 Laser Lightsabre Giveaway

6 Volt Battery Hack – Save Money!

Bloody Powder Prank

Useful Magnet Hacks

DIY Airsoft Machine Gun

Amazing Lasers! : Cheapy Lighter Laser Burner!

How to Prank Scare Someone in the Middle of the Night

DIY Glowsticks that Will Last 3-4 Days

How to Make Your Own Ticklebox – Shock People!

Infra-X Vision!

Amazing Lasers! – Laser Guided Slingshot!

$5 Flammable Bar Trick!

Webcam Super SpyScope!

DIY Glowsticks that Will Last 3-4 Days

Ticky Sneaky Booby Traps! Ticky Sneaky Booby Traps! Ticky Sneaky Booby Traps!

World’s Most Powerful Handheld Laser – Review & Giveaway!

DIY Whipped Cream Secret Safe – Creamy and Fun

High-Powered DIY T-Shirt Launcher – How to Make Your Own

Barbie Gets Hacked – Spy Barbie

DIY Rumble Pipe – Amazing Sound Effects!

Easy Prank Ideas – Wacked Prank Pack Volume 2

Make Your Own Remember Pen – DIY Hack

Evil Spongebob Toy Prank

$500 Burning Laser Contest!

Digital Camera Hack! Learn the secrets the stores don’t want you to know!

Household Hack Pack – Easy DIY Things Anyone Can Do!

DIY High-Powered Nerf Cannon

Booby Trapped Briefcase – Shock Anyone

DIY Sneaky Snake Spy Cam – For Under 20 Bucks!!

DIY Fog Machine – Mighty Mini Fog Maker

DIY Stink Machine – World’s Best Stink Prank!

4MORE Amazing Things You Can Do with Condoms – Condom Hack Pack!

Make an RC Car Smoke and Burn – Fun Prank!

Make Your Own Loaded Dice – DIY Dice Hack!

5 Cheap and Easy Video Tricks – Volume 2

$650 Laser Contest WINNERS!

$650 Burning Green Laser Contest!

5 Amazing Office Pranks – Wacked Prank Pack!!

5 Cheap and Easy Video Tricks – Volume 1

DIY Secret DVD Stash Box – What would you put in it?

5 Amazing Things You Can Do with Condoms – Condom Hack Pack!

Amazing Lasers! – Laser Light Show Flashlight!

Bloody Stapler Prank!

Kipkay Laser Zombie!

World’s Loudest Alarm Clock!

Stink Mouse Prank!

Guard Dog Burglar Alarm

Amazing Lasers! : Cheapy Lighter Laser Burner!

Boost the Range of any Remote!

How to Hack the Staples EASY Button!

Does this Secret Code make Traffic Lights Change?

Anti-TMZ Paparazzi Infrared Glasses

Garage Mahal – Kipkay Goes Hollywood!

Quick-Draw Gadget!

DIY Infrared Intruder Alarm System – Stop Axe Murderers!

Spy Megaphone Hack – Turn a Megaphone into a Bionic Hearing Device!

Digital TV Converter Hack – Watch TV Anywhere

Crazy Diaper Prank – It’s Not What You Think!

DIY Exploding Confetti Cannon

DIY Motion Triggered Spy Cam – Spy on Anyone!

DIY Projectile Shooter – Air Duster Office Weaponry!

Wet Dog vs. Round Pool – Watch What Happens at the End

DIY Secret Book Safe – Sexy Enough for your Girlfriend!

5 Hard Questions #2 – Are You A Genius?

DIY Headphone Hack – How to Make Your Own Noise Canceling Headphones!

Hacked Calculator Prank!

Radar Gun – Hacked!

How to make a Portable Stick Pen – Fun and Simple!

How to Take a Bullet – Hollywood Gunshot Effect Revealed!

Turn Boring Christmas Lights into.. PARTY LIGHTS!

DIY TV Remote Jammer Prank

Crazy Keyboard Gag Prank

Turn an Old Scanner into Something Cool – Watch What it Makes!

Car Dealership TV Commercial Outakes – Behind-the-Scenes

Amazing Lasers! – New 007 Laser Weapon – Revealed!

Charge Your Cell Phone With a Flashlight – DIY Emergency Phone Charger

DIY Disco Ball – Made Out of Old CDs

World’s Loudest Homemade Air Horn!

Hilarious Mailman Prank

DIY SPY Stethoscope – How to Hear Through Walls!s!


Instantly Increase the Range of Your Car Remote – Amazing Car Remote Mod!

DIY Laptop Battery Hack – Fix a Dead Laptop Battery

World’s Most Dangerous Battery!

FREE Electricity! You Won’t Believe Where it’s Hidden!

PARODY: How To Tern On Your Computor!

Hilarious Shoplifting Prank

Double Your Gas Mileage! 2X

Round Dog vs. Square Hole – Watch What Happens at the End

Stink Bomb Revenge! How to Make a Stink Bomb

Single-use VIDEO CAMERA Hack! Use It Over And Over…

Charge Your Car Battery with.. WINE!

Disappearing Head Trick – Magic

The Condom Machine Adventure

Trigger Green Traffic Lights

Does God Exist?

Turn Mr. Microphone into a Spy Device!

DIY Illuminated Keyboard – Light Up Your Keyboard!

Amazing Lasers! – Protect Your Home with Lasers!

12 Volt Battery Hack – Save Money

9 Volt Battery Hack! You’ll Be Surprised

Secretly Record Anyone – Spy Sunglasses

Mysterious Magic Lightbulb Hack

How to Chill A Coke In 2 Minutes

5 Hard Questions – Are You A Genius?

Coffin Escape Secret Revealed

How to Escape from Handcuffs

How to Escape From Plastic Handcuffs

DIY Film Can Rocket Launcher

How to See in The Dark with DIY Night Vision Goggles

Sneaky Cold Beer Hack – DIY for Drunk People

Amazing Lasers! – Blu-ray Laser Phaser from Star Trek

Fastest Truck on Earth!

DIY Lie Detector that Really Works

USB Cell Phone Hack! Charge It With…

DIY Glass Bottle LED Lamp (or Make a Cold Lava Lamp)

Amazing Lasers! : Laser Flashlight Hack

$10 Police Flashlight Hack

DIY Underwater Camera Mod for Under $10

Infrared Goggle Hack For Under $10

Rocket Powered Matchbox Cars