Remembering my friend…Grant Thompson, The King of Random

This is my video memoriam to Grant Thompson. Grant was tragically killed in a paramotor accident on July 29th, 2019. I will miss Grant, his life of learning and discovery on YouTube and our friendship. đŸ˜¢

Here is the official memoriam video on his channel

Grant’s videos shown here:
DIY Electromagnet Flashlight:
Liquid Nitrogen to the Face:
Apparently Butane Did The Trick:
Explosive Desert Bonfire:
Scavenging Microwave Ovens:
Electrical Sparks in Slow Motion:
Floating Paperclips:
Gravity Puzzle:
N64 Launch Controller:
Taping a Smartphone to a Rocket:
Negative G’s in My Old Airplane:
I Was Batman For a Day:
King of Random Creator Journey:
Please do a random act of love or kindness today in honor of The King of Random. Grant’s legacy will live on in his channel and the global community he created.