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Money saving gadgets


This first one claims to put an end to the annoyance of not getting that last bit of goodness out of your bottles, it’s basically gravity that keeps all that stuff at the bottom of the bottle and requires a lot of shaking to get it out. So the first gadget is flipping the no spill no mess dishwasher safe.
Easy peasy get that last little bit money saver. Well, we’ll see about that. Flipping open the box reveals a little net pouch that contains some plastic pieces they look like tops and some small rings that appear to be gaskets along with some instructions,
so I’ll grant my nearly empty yellow mustard container and remove the top, then it’s just a matter of finding the right size adapter for your body. There are two sets of three different adapters that will fit most bottles, in this case that 33 millimeter read adapter fit the bill, so I removed the appropriate size gasket and inserted inside the purple cap that should prevent any Dewey slippage, then I screwed in the red adapter and screw the whole assembly on top of my mustard bottle, just hang tight, and flipped it over my salad dressing bottle was a little bit easier because the standard 38 millimeter purple cap fit the threads on that.
So again taking a gasket and putting it inside of the cap and hand tightening on top of my salad dressing bottle and doing the flip. I always want to get the last drop of barbecue sauce so the adapter that fit that one was the same red one, that fit on the mustard, same process with the gasket and tight and flip it over and let gravity do its work, you can see here in high speed that the barbecue sauce is making its way down to and all those bottles sit for about an hour to see what kind of flow we’re getting now.

Yes, no more anticipation, the contents of my Bottles are ready to go and flow smoothly. And when you’re done just push the flip it down on a flat surface, and that’ll shut the cap, after you’ve completely extinguished your bottle the caps washed clean, and also dishwasher safe, and I like the fact that everything goes back into that little net bag so it’s not all flying around inside your drawers,

one consideration for flipping is when you put the tops on the bottles, they may not fit on the shelves that you’ve already had set up because the bottles are too tall I style this to happen with both my salad dressing and muster bottles, regardless of that I felt it flip it hits the mark as a money saving gadget, and gets a big thumbs up.

Now if you shave you know that razor blades are expensive. They’re crazy pricey for what they are.
So if we can save money on razor blades. That would be awesome. That’s where our next gadget comes in.

It’s simply called razor pit eight and claims to give you up to 150 shapes with one razor blade.
The main problem with razors especially the multi blade kind is that particles of hair and dense skin cells clog up in between those blades, which makes the blades field and certainly affects the performance.

So let’s open up the box and pull out what’s inside which is the razor pit housed in a little plastic holder, and it appears to be a black face that’s just kind of rubbery to the field, the directions inform you to either take ham soap or shaving cream and rub it along the surface of the razor pit, and then to take your clogged up razor blade and scrape it along the razor pit in the opposite direction that you shave, about four or five times.

Okay, so a visual inspection of this razor blade appears to be cleaner and way less clogged than it was before, but not perfectly clean,

so let me try another razor blade with my method and that’s basically doing the same thing, rubbing it backwards but this time just on a towel. And you can see, getting about the same results. So, one more step rinsing the blade out doing a few taps on the sink, and then taking a look, and sure enough, that is completely clean the blade of all that book in between additional testing revealed that if I use the razor pit, and then rinse the blade, it came out perfect.

one more additional tip to keep your razor blades clean and that is to always drive them after us. So if you don’t want to mess up a towel to clean your razor blades than the razor pit might fit the bill for you, it definitely clean the blade, and I would imagine over a period of time that is going to save you from replacing your blade, so the razor pit did what it said it would do, and I consider it a money saving gadget, it gets a thumbs up,

keeping fruit and veggies from going bad always seems to be a constant struggle. So our next gadget claims to eliminate that horror, it’s called “Blue apple” and it keeps fruits and vegetables fresher longer and reduces odors,
I guess the big problem with fruits and veggies is ethylene gas which causes produce to overripe in, and this thing is supposed to suck up all that gas, opening up the packaging gives us two blue, blue apples are made out of plastic, and if you pop them open inside as a small packet, which is what actually reduces the ethylene gas.

So let’s test out this blue apple and see how it works I’m going to start off with a couple of bananas and a couple of apples. I’m going to put them in a paper bag to increase the ripening time so I’ll put a banana in each bag. I’ll put an apple in each bag, and then I’ll put the blue apple in the second bag.

I’ll just kind of seal up the bags and let them sit and just for additional testing I’m going to do the same thing, only this time in my refrigerator and apple in a banana in one of my fruit bins.

And the same thing in the other bin, and then I’ll add the blue Apple to that, I decided to let them sit for a week, and now the big reveal pulling up the banana and the apple from the Odin treated bag shows normal wear and tear and age on the banana. Apples looking pretty good. So let’s take a look at the other bag.

And, again, banana and apple and the blue Apple inside as opposed to keep it from the ethylene gas but I tell you what, this banana looks exactly like the other banana, same squishy this and looks about as beat up. Now let’s go to the fridge and see the results there. Well, we’ve got the same thing that banana and apple in the untreated been look about normal after a week, and so do the apple and banana from the been that’s supposedly been protected by blue, apple, it doesn’t appear that blue Apple is going to save us any money based on this real time test so blue Apple gets us while we’re talking about freshness.


Everybody likes chips and snacks but nobody likes stale chips and snacks. So the I touch was handheld bag sealer is supposed to save us money on stale snacks. Let’s put it to the test, grabbing the bag seal around have a packaging reveals what looks like a stapler and I think it works on the same basic principle, but it’s supposed to keep the air out of your snack bag. So this thing takes to double A batteries which we will install and then put the cover back on.

And let’s get our test bag out and give this thing a try, and you’re supposed to hold it together for a couple of seconds to warm up the little heating element, and then slowly slide it across the bag, as you hold the bag closed, the bag sealer did seal the bag enough to keep the chips from falling out when held upside down but upon closer examination, it did leave some little openings now that’s going to put air in the bag and it’s going to make your chips stale.

So I don’t know the inconvenience of having to use this every time, nothing beats the old chip clip, and if you’re anything like me, I eat chips faster than they can get stale. So combining the hassle of having to use this every time you eat chips, along with the fact that it doesn’t really seal the bag completely. Sorry, but the I touched list handheld bag sealer gets up big fat stinks so out of all these As Seen On TV gadgets that claim to save you money. Some did and some did.

I hope you enjoyed this gadget test video and if you’d like to see more gadgets tested, click one of the links on the screen. thanks for watching, we’ll see you next time.

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