Bristlebots: Cool Vibrating Creatures!

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The Vibrating Bristlebot Creature is a cool little vibrating robot with a toothbrush bristles as legs. All it takes to make it is a small pager motor, a toothbrush, a small button battery, and some glue. Instructions and full-length tutorial to make the Bristlebot can be found at

Originally it was called a Vibrobot because it vibrated while it moved. The motor makes it vibrate because it has an uneven weight distributed at the end.

It’s called a Bristle Bot because…. Well it’s a toothbrush BRISTLE that acts like a ROBOT! It works that way because vibrations from the uneven motor travel down to the toothbrush bristles and makes them vibrate as well. The bristles moving in random motions make the bristle move alongside flat surfaces.