This Week’s Gadget Review: EPLight

Are you looking for a unique light for your home or office, unlike any light you have ever seen? E.P.light ambient light is a new type of LED bulb, decorative lamp, that combines Jackson Pollock‘s abstract painting style and a traditional Edison bulb. Pollock was the master of the Abstract Movement and was the world’s highest recognized abstract artist.

Each bulb is a piece of art and a functional lightbulb. Cast in a heavy resin, the E.P.light is an ambient light made from light bulbs with environmental-friendly injection inside. The art comes in, when the paint and colorful fluid get mixed inside as the stuffing. Once the solidification complete, one beautiful moment will be captured, forever, as a piece of art. A unique sold wood table lamp adds a distinctive look as the E.P.light lamp sits upside-down in the base. With a soft touch sensor, you can dim the table lamp or power it off with a single touch and it’s portable with its rechargeable internal battery giving you 20 hours of continuous brightness. There is also a wood desk lamp with screw-in socket and power switch, a perfect conversation starter for your home. E.P. Light also carries a wide selection of unique table lamps that you won’t find anywhere else.

Every E.P.light bulb is 100% handmade and the actual color and paint curves inside are totally random and unique. They are made from green, recyclable materials, safe, against dropping, and won’t be hot to the touch. You can even print your company logo on the gift box, wood base, or even 3D printed logo inside the bulb with E.P.light’s free design service.

If you want an eye catching piece of art and a very cool light source you have to check out the entire E.P.light line.

Right now you can get 20% off your entire order by going to this link: and using the referral code KIPKAY.

This post is sponsored by EPLight

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