This Week’s Gadget Review: Tesvor Robot Vacuum

Who likes to vacuum? No one! Life would be easier if a robot did it for us. Introducing the Tesvor Robot Vacuum! The X500 is a miracle worker and gets the job done…automatically. In fact, the Tesvor Robot Vacuum will clean any floor, including carpet! It features a brushless motor which is more intuitive and energy-efficient than brushed motors and it’s ultra-quiet, producing only 60 to 67 decibels of sound.
The X500’s brushroll is designed for ultra-efficiency too. So, what else is great about this robot vacuum? It has a suction-boost mode for heavy-traffic areas as well as one-key planning for fast and thorough room coverage, making the robot vacuum ideal for the average-size home, like mine. What sets it apart from other vacuums is that it includes a remote control that allows you to choose a cleaning mode and directing the robot from across the room. The X500 can go almost anywhere due to its short height and multiple sensors. You won’t find it falling down stairs or running into furniture and it’s equipped with a protective cover and bumper to protect the robot from accidental contact with objects. I love to look inside things, and I discovered that inside the Tesvor Robot Vacuum is a collection bin that holds a lot of debris. This bin also houses the vacuum’s set of three filters that do an amazing job of trapping fine particles. And since we have a cat and 2 dogs, the filters help to provide relief from pet dander. On the tech end, it has a Lithium-Ion battery that provides up to 2 hours of cleaning and it charges automatically as it makes its way to the charger when the battery is low or the cleaning cycle has ended. Once it locates and rests on the dock, it will stay there for only 3 to 4 hours, which is how long it takes the battery level to reach 100 percent. It also uses Alexa or Google Home voice commands to direct cleaning and an app to check real-time cleaning map & cleaning status! Forget dragging out that old vacuum cleaner and it do it automatically with the Tesvor Robot Vacuum!

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