Q. Can you help me with a project I am working on or make a video for me?
A. Unfortunately I get asked this dozens of times a week and with over 1,700,000 subscribers on YouTube alone, I just don’t have the time to help people build things, design circuits, troubleshoot…etc. Sorry.

Q. Can you sell me one of your gadgets or give me one for free?
A. I get requests all the time to sell or remake the props for my videos but I always keep them and don’t have time to rebuild them for all the requests I get. I also get asked all the time to give something away for free but just can’t do it. Sorry

Q. Do you sell any of your projects?
A. YES! Check out my new site, KipkayKits

Q. Where can I get the parts for your gadgets?
A. There are links under Parts for the most popular parts for my videos.

Q. Where can I find detailed instructions and schematics for your projects?
A. I post instructions for my most popular projects on here. Just click Docs on the
home page.

Q. Where do you get your ideas from?
A. I have an ancient secret book I discovered in my basement that contains thousands of projects but no one else is allowed to look at it.

Q. What editing software and camera do you use?
A. I edit on a Matrox RT.X2 HD system with Adobe CS6. My main camera is a Sony HDR-AX2000
Q. What do you do for a living?
A. Make videos.

Q. How did you learn all of this stuff? Do you have a degree?
A. I’m self taught. I’ve also learned from years of tinkering and trial and error. I do have a degree but it’s in Journalism, not Engineering or Electronics.

Q. Can you mention me or give me a shout out in your next video?
A. No, sorry. For all the requests I get, my videos would be full of mentioning other people.

Q. Do you take project suggestions?
A. Sure. I always like to hear ideas my fans have.

Q. Where can I find resistors, capacitors, switches etc….?
A. There are plenty of internet resources like www.jameco.comwww.digikey.com,
www.mouser.com and stores like Radio Shack.

Q. Are lasers dangerous?
A. They can be. You NEVER want to look into the beam of any laser or point them at any living thing.


Kip Kedersha (better known by his YouTube user name Kipkay) is best known as an all time top 10 subscribed YouTube Channel Guru currently with over 1.8 million subscribers. He is also known for his weekend projects with Make Magazine, weekly videos that show users how to actually create projects featured in the magazine. His videos were featured on the Science Channel television show, BRINK. He was also guest host for the DIY Network show, Garage Mahal. Online, KipKay features his own projects usually involving lasersgadgetshacks, and the occasional prank.


After working with a local cable company for many years, Kip worked his way into video production shooting commercials for local companies. A self-taught “tinkerer,” Kip realized he could fuse his interest of electronics and video production by creating how-to videos on the internet. Initially finding success on Metacafe, Kip found a greater fan base on YouTube. Now, with over 4 million channel views and over 130 million video views, Kipkay’s popularity has lead to appearances on the DIY Networkand Discover Channel. Many of Kip’s projects can be found on Instructables.


Early in 2008, Make Magazine was looking for a seasoned video producer to create their Weekend Project segment. Kipkay was chosen and produced a new show every week. These videos primarily featured projects submitted by the Make Magazine writers and are separate from Kipkay’s self-promoted episodes found on YouTube and the official KipKay.com site. Kip has also appeared for Make Magazine workshops at Maker Faire conventions.